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Photography of the third week of November, 2012

Child of sand sleeping on the sand of Riga



baby sleeping - © Norbert Pousseur

... the future, by Liga Zarina ...       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

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Riga - 2011 - Num 21 Mpx - 5d2b_8697 - series Photo of the week


In Riga, every year takes place a festival of sculptures of sand. Numerous artists participate in it, so Lettish as resulting from all the continents.

Above, this sculpture of sand of Liga Zarina is entitled "Being"

What she says about it :
The creation and development of any live being is always a miracle. A multitude of complicated forms and structures, not always visible to the eye, emerge as though from nothing.

This artist is presented in one of the pages of the site "Magic Sand Riga "

See also the presentation of the event and other sand sculptures, which I made below Vers la présentation des sculptures de sable de Riga


What we said about it in 1690 in the dictionary of Furetière :

SAND. Slim arena, gravel which is particularly in edges, either at the bottom of the sea or the rivers. God promised to Abraham to multiply his race as sands of the sea. Sandbanks are dangerous, and make vessels fail. There are quicksands in rivers, where the riders sink in when they stop. The river sand is good to make some mortar to build in lime and in sand. The sand of ground, or sandpit, asks for less lime. Philbert of said Lorme that the sand of Pouzzol is the best sand of the world for buildings, and particularly for maritime. The glass with some white sand happens and the fern. This word comes of sablum, which was made by the sabulum Latin, from which we derived sablon and sand. Nicod.

Sand, also says to itself slim and dry lands, which have no fat and no connection, and which the wind brings up easily in slim dust. The Caravans of Africa often die by swirls of sand which cover them, and whose mountains happen. The deserts of Libya are only sands; what returns these sterile Provinces. The Sables d'Olonne are famous in France. Jesus Christ made a parabola of those who build on the sand : what says itself figuratively of those whose expectations are not based on solid foundations.

There is also a fossil sand which gets out enough before in the ground, which is firm, and which we use to build, by getting involved with some lime. We call it sand of cellar, because it is necessary to dig in the ground to pull it.

Sand, also say itself of a gravel engendered in loins, and in bladder, which causes this disease which we call the gravel. This patient throws some sand, pisses some sand.

Sand, (for Hourglass - ndt) is also a sort of clock or water clock which measures the time by the flow of the sand locked into small glass vessels. Good sands are made with shells of egg dried in the oven, pulverized well and well sieved. It is necessary to turn the sand, when it is sold. We use sands in ships to measure the time. The sailors call to eat their sand, when they turn their clock of sand, before it is completely sold.

Sand, in terms of Blazon, means the black. The house of Cofié wears of sand in three danchées or indented faces of gold. The sand represents itself on Ecus engraved by double hatchings of lines which cross themselves in right angles. This word does not come from sand, dust, but martens sables, which are very black, and that some Latin called up sabulinas, of sabelum, according to Ménage and Spelman, who call these skins sibelinae, and Paul Vénitien zebellines. But others want that it comes that from that some sand, or black and wet ground, which has to be distinguish from some white and dry sand which we call arena, especially since there is some sand of forge which is of use to the Painters for the big black, after it was often cooked, wet and dried.

Sand, in terms of Foundry, says itself of what is thrown in small moulds made by sand, or powder of slate, back of cuttlefish, feet of sheep, ashes, and the other similar things. This ecu comes from a counterfeiter, it is thrown in sand.

We say proverbially about a person who falls asleep, that the small man threw him some sand in eyes, as if it obliged him to close them.

Sand, verb. Put some sand in a path to prevent that the grass comes there. The river sand is the most the appropriate to sand a garden.
We call sand pistole, the one who was molded and thrown in sand, who was not made for the Currency in the mill, or in the hammer.

Sand pit. Term of Carpentry. It is the piece of wood which lies down of field or level in mortises, of which make put perpendicularly columns or posts which compose the pieces of skeleton. The sand pits of partitions usually make from four to six main part inches, populated with posts of the same thickness spaced out by a foot of entre-voux.

Sandy. Menu sand which is usually white, like sandy d'Etampes, who used to scour the pewter, copper, and in other uses.

Use sandy. Scrub pewter, kitchen utensils with sandy. Silver plate would wear too, if we used the sandy.

Sandy. Place where there are many of let us sand. Chaplain said in his Odes : so the high Olympe has his sandy foot.

Sablonnier. Man who shouts and sells by the city of the sandy. Sablonnier of étampes.

Sablonnière. Plentiful place sand it, where from we fire of the saandy. In some Provinces we say sand pit.



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Face of baby's sand - © Norbert Pousseur

... under his eyelids of sand, dreamy ...       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Riga - 2011 - Num 21 Mpx - 5d2b_8696 - series Photo of the week






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