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900 photos the most looked of this site


At the beginning of display under Google of the photos of the site in February, 2013 - © Norbert Pousseur
Viewing under Google
At the beginning of display under Bing of the photos of the site in February, 2013 - © Norbert Pousseur
Viewing under Bing

Another way of reaching photos published on this site is to use the mode images of search engines, by limiting the display to the only photos of the site.
Every search engine presents in a different way the photos of the site (and only these) according to their own ranking, order which changes regularly according to what prefer the visitors and updates.
Each of the shown photos can open its own page.

It allows in fact to have a rather complete and relatively synthetic view of the diversity of the subjects proposed on this site, knowing that every engine limits the display to approximately 900 labels (on more than 3000 photos published in the end of 2012).
Extracts above were realized in February, 2013.

  • Viewing under Google.
  • Via Bing, with other choices and a more faithful display of the titles of photos.
  • By Yahoo, who as a rule uses Bing, but with a slightly different display.
  • By Exalead, French search engine, which shows more than 1300 pictures,
    but under a shape slightly less elaborate than for the other solutions

The largest part of the shown pages are in French, except those mini-series ' Photos of the week '
which also possess versions in English and Spanish.




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