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Photo of the fourth week of September 2012

Drinking glasses



Row of wineglass - © Norbert Pousseur

... Wineglasses waiting for guests ...       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

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Ferrières, île de France - 1994 - Neg 6x6 - n120a94p032v13 - series Photo of the week


End of September is the time of wine fairs. Time during which fans decorate their basement, or what takes place, and if their budget allows.

The opportunity to highlight some pictures of drinking glasses ...

Rows, piles of glasses were in place in the castle of Ferrières for a reception, waiting for the closure of public places (more photos ferrières park in one of my other Web sites).

Other illustrations from an old cafe near Coupvray abandoned a few years after its complete destruction by fire.
The glasses were still in place, resting on the ruins of the bar, but all exploded in the heat.

Read below articles on glass extracted from dictionary Furetière 1690 and see also Wikipedia article


Photography of the week 39 of 2012

General presentation   The same in french : Verres à boire




Row of water glasses - © Norbert Pousseur

... water glasses, for drinks at the end of evening ...       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Ferrières, île de France - 1995 - Neg 6x6 - n120a95p014v02 - series Photo of the week


Heap of wineglasses - © Norbert Pousseur

... glasses piled at sunset ...       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Ferrières, île de France - 1995 - Neg 6x6 - n120a95p014v05 - series Photo of the week


Broken glasses - © Norbert Pousseur

... fragment of burned-out glasses ...      Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Île de France - 1994 - Neg 6x6 - n120a94p010v13 - series Photo of the week



Burned-out glass - © Norbert Pousseur

... glass on its burned-out bar, for symbol of destruction ? ...      Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Île de France - 1994 - Neg 6x6 - n120a94p030v06 - series Photo of the week




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Articles on the glass, Furetière dictionary, 1690 edition

GLASS, f. m. Transparent body made by art. It is midway between metals & stones. It is fuse as metals, but it is not malleable. This is the last book that art can do so by means of fire, for all metals power of fire finally turn glass, and the earth itself, as we see the bricks overcooked, which vitrify. The glass is made with white pebbles & shining, or with white sand well washed with salt & alkali grass or soda or glass to common salt fern ash: all in a fire lamp very violent. We also with rock crystals melted. It is the beautiful glass with soda Levant & white sand. It puts a little manganese to remove the greenish soda, & if we put a lot, it will make a red purple. The glass has a low shade of red is very suitable for lenses & objectives of binoculars. It is the yellow glass with only iron rust. This is done in blue or aquamarine, putting the copper calcined several times, and adding a little sulfur calcined. It is green glass with copper & charred iron rust, or minium, ie, lime, red lead. We made purple by mixing the sulfur & manganese. The diaphanous glass is that it has its pores & all rights against each other; & its polissure, what they are extremely small, so far as etchings & regals there can not enter what they come well those of gold. It is a fantasy to believe that was ever the invention of glass malleable, ductile because if it were, it would lose its main quality is transparency, which can not exist, as long as the pores are overlooked one another. We saw in Germany a glass bottle if loosed from the bottom, which could make the convex or concave by blowing or drawing air softly which shows that there may be some flexibility in the glass. The spirit of salt eats very well ground glass, and dissolves all the tissue, so that it becomes brittle. They say a pane of glass, frames, glass bottles, jars, bells, flasks made of glass. It is fragile & brittle like glass. This word comes from Latin vitrum.

A flat glass, is a large round piece of glass that size to glass panels. It has a knot in the middle called bull's eye. A glass table is a great piece of square glass which flows over the sand. We call Lorraine glass, in which he makes in other glassware, & it is used for carriage doors.
Also known as a glass eye, one eye is fired enamel lamp, used by the blind to repair some deformity of the eye that they lack.
Spectacle lens is a cut glass that is used to make glasses for long. It also makes for microscopes. There glasses & two to four glasses. The glass lens, is that which is farthest from the eye, and which is cut in a large portion of convex sphere. The eye-glass, is the one that is closest to the eye, which is concave, and a portion of a small sphere. There ophthalmometers lenses, meniscus & c. for various types of glasses.
Glass also means a small vessel that is used to drink at the table, which is the same material. It is usually in the shape of a reversed cone or a cylinder, and is placed on a foot or a leg. A glass of fern, Venetian crystal.
They say drink full glass when drinking a red edge. Donate in the ass glass, ie, a very small shot. They say the debauched, they are still among the glasses & jars, they shock the glasses, they empty glasses, & c.
Glass, also said that the glass contains. A good glass of wine is half a pint of Paris. Can gain heaven by giving a glass of water in the name of God to those who need it.
Dormer is a small window that can be done in the wall that looks over the door, where there is a sealed glass plaster that opens point. The custom of Paris regulates the use of glasses frames.
Glass, proverbially said in these sentences. Does not drink you ever in your glass? to say, Can we make the point a small meal with you? It is also said to cabaret, Who breaks the glasses pay. It is also said to mock those who drop, if her ass had been glass, it would have been broken.

Glassware, f. f. Where there is glass. The finest glassware in the world is that of Murano near Venice. Prodigiously consuming a glass timber.
Glassware, also means the art of making glass. Glassware was found by chance, as Pliny relates, lib. 36. He said merchants cooking their meat on the edge of the sea, and having no stone crazy to put their pots, fired the ship pieces of nitre, which is mixed with the sand, made a liquor run that shiny was glass. But he is wrong when he says that to perfect the art, they added the magnes lapis, he says attract liquor glass such as iron, because it took magnes, magnet for magnesia, which is a simple stone between the truth of the glass composition for bleaching, but has no attractive virtue or iron, or glass.

Glassware, said he also glassware. The glassmakers are petty traders glassworks There are curious fulfill their offices & crystals several rare pieces of glass.

Glassmaker. Worker who works with glass. A Gentleman Verrier. The profession of Verrier is noble the glassmakers had the privilege of not derogate.

Glassmaker, is also the merchant who sells glasses, either shop or in the streets : We say proverbially about a man who walks fast, that he goes as a Glassworker of load.

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