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Photo of the first week of August 2012

Fountains in Provence



Boiling water - © Norbert Pousseur

... bubbling of the fresh and pure water ...       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

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Le Val / Provence - Juillet 2012 - Num 21 Mpx - 5d2c_9848 - series Photo of the week


Provence, especially in the summer and the interior is a land of heat. Capita often hides during the day, behind the shutters half closed out 'the fresh' in the evening, instead of summering that opens wide to the sun.

One of the characteristics, partly due to this heat is that whenever groundwater makes possible the villages have increased fountains.

Probably also vestiges of the time the water does not penetrate into houses, lack of pipes.
But where in other cities have eliminated all public water points, most villages have preserved the Haute Provence.

35 ° in the shade this summer day, the clear water was welcome, and in addition to the photograph, I, of course, drinking.

Fountains presented here are simple and humble, with the advantage of showing that their water.
In other places may have to find more ornate.- This will be subject to other pages ...


Dictionary Furetière in 1689 - Only the first word is left in its original ortogrphe: Fonteine instead of fountain

Fonteine. (Noun fem. Source of living water out of the ground in small quantities. Ago several fountains that arise in these fields, in these rocks. Fountain is called water, which comes from source, and which retains its purity .

We see China a fountain whose water is extremely cold halves, and so hot at the bottom, that hardly can we hold hands. There are also fountains salty vitriolées, & c.

Poets call Hyppocrène fountain, of Helicon, fountains which were places dedicated to the Muses, they believe that the water had the power to inspire poetic genius This word comes from foutana, formed fons, mons as it was montana. Household. Also known as fountain, a pond, a look, a building where it was sinking & amassing water source, for distribution to the public, or to bring forth above for the beautification of gardens. Fountain St. Michel is the look which distribute water Arcueil. Fountain St. Benedict, St. Severin. The garden has many fountains, water jets, there is a fountain in the kitchens of the Hotel. Ordinance of the city wants to look in every fountain there is a brass plate marking the quantity of water from both public and private, and bassinets that are opened by cuivreaux which contain neither the gauge concession. Master of the Works is required to visit the aqueducts, pierrées, pipes, tanks eyes, to keep them clear & in good condition.fountain, also told the cannula through which flows the liquor of a hogshead or other vessel (container ndt.) Were dug. Tap the fountain ..

Fountain is also the vessel (container ndt.) Where we keep the water for the service of the house during the day. A fountain of silver, copper.fountain, also said liquor flowing through the small openings of a ship badly clogged, in imitation of a fountain. The hogshead is leaking in, this is a small fountain that side. I have a cold so violent that my nose is a fountain, he had a good bleeding, blood flowed through the vein that had been opened as a small fountain.

Fountain head, is where the future lead coronal & sagittal future. This place is very mol children, and one feels beat the anterior brain. It does not ossify or harden until about the second or third year. Just to find the place, we must apply the wrist on the nose, and the end of the largest of fingers lead to the fountain head.

Is proverbially said, a man already old went to the fountain of youth, when he is well, and it seems that rejuvenates. Mention is made of this fabulous fountain in the old Romans, and among others that of Guon in Bordeaux.

FONTENIER. Whoever takes care of fountains & water, either for the public or for pleasure houses. There is a Fontenier pledged by the city, there is a Fontenier Versailles.

Photography of the week 31 of 2012

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Pond of water - © Norbert Pousseur

... big pond for the inhabitant, the young and the circle on the ground for animals ? ...       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Le Val / Provence - Juillet 2012 - Num 21 Mpx - 5d2c_9831 - series Photo of the week


Calcareous water - © Norbert Pousseur

... calcareous water the concretions of which rise in the fountain ...       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Le Val / Provence - Juillet 2012 - Num 21 Mpx - 5d2c_9795 - series Photo of the week


Tap water - © Norbert Pousseur

... water that meanders along the walls of houses ...      Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Le Val / Provence - Juillet 2012 - Num 21 Mpx - 5d2c_9813 - series Photo of the week


Beaks of water - © Norbert Pousseur

... it is the summer and theflows of the beaks of versoirs are uneven ...      Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Le Val / Provence - Juillet 2012 - Num 21 Mpx - 5d2c_9804 - series Photo of the week





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