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Photo of the third week of January 2012

Meetings of ages




Two ladies with walking sticks - © Norbert Pousseur

... Age measured in terms of walking.       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

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Provence - 2012 - Num 21 mpx - 5d2c_2819 - series Photo of the week


Extract from Universal Dictionary of Trade in 1723

STICK, otherwise called rattan. This is a kind of reed, which brings India used to make these kinds of sticks that door manually, either to support, and will help to walk, either by simple countenance. It makes a great trade in Paris by merchants Merciers, especially by those who have shops at the Palace. They are decorated with top handle with gold, silver, agate, ivory, sometimes even precious stones, but most often, simple apples of various kinds of wood. It also handles, called opera glasses, which have both ends two glasses, one eye, and the other goal, serve binoculars, with what we see, or, as it words, objects eyeing a little away, from whence they took their name.

STICK. Length measurement, which is used to measure body extended, as can be linen, serge, paintings, and other similar goods. This measure is longer or shorter, depending on the country, and the places where it is used.
In Naples, Stick contains six feet, ten inches, and two lines that make a yard, and seventeenth fifteen yards of Paris. Ensure that seventeen Canes Naples is thirty two yards of Paris or thirty-two yards of Paris, Sticks are seventeen of Naples.
Stick Toulouse, and all the Haut Languedoc, even some cities Guyenne, is similar to the Varre of Aragon. It contains five feet, five inches, six lines, which are a yard & a half from Paris, so that two Sticks Toulouse are three ells of Paris or three yards of Paris are two Sticks Toulouse.
In Montpellier, and in all lower Languedoc, as also in Provence, and Avignon, even in Dauphiné, the rod is six feet, nine lines in length, which makes a yard, two-thirds of Paris. So that three Sticks Montpellier are five ells of Paris or five yards of Paris are three Sticks Montpellier. This rod is divided into eight sections, or fins. Look. Palm.
To reduce the Sticks Montpellier yards of Paris, it is necessary to use the rule of three, and say: If three Sticks Montpellier make five yards of Paris, Sticks how much will they Montpellier yards of Paris. And if on the contrary, we want to reduce yards of Paris in Sticks Montpellier, he should say: If five yards of Paris are three Sticks Montpellier, how many yards of Paris will they Sticks Montpellier. This method can be used to reduce other places in Sticks yards of Paris, and Paris in the yards of other places Sticks.
It should be noted that the use of the Stick was defended in Languedoc and Dauphine, Judgments by State Council Roy, June 24, and October 27, 1687, and that following these stops, it can be used in these Provinces for the purchase & sale of fabrics, as the light of Paris, instead of Stick.
Stick. Expressed as the thing which has been measured with the Stick: a Stick sheet, rod canvas.
Stick.. Term Coinage, and the Foundry. It's a long iron rod, by way of Stick, which is stirred metals, when they melt, the reserve of gold.





Photography for the week 3 of 2012

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