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Photo of the fourth week of January 2012

Sounds of guitar for the sea



Guitar edge of the Mediterranean - © Norbert Pousseur

... Mediterranean magic and music.       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

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Provence - 2012 - Num 21 mpx - 5d2c_3107 - series Photo of the week


In Dictionary Furetière of 1690

GUITAR or Guiterre. Kind of stringed instrument hose, whose back is flat. He stands in the arm as the lute. It has eight buttons, & clip we are fighting in the ropes. This instrument is simple, and is from Spain. He had first four rows of strings, the first was a simple chanterelle: until now it has ten strings. This word comes from the Greek cithara apparently. Arabs also told kithar or kithara, found in the Versions of Scripture.


Photography for the week 4 of 2012

General presentation   The same in french : Sons de guitare








This display of guitarist in the mediterranean sea cliffs,
can be enlarged in this frame until 70 % of its real size of recording, by using the function zoom







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