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Photo of the second week of January 2012

Sad Window



Window with bars - © Norbert Pousseur

...Window as dead, revealing a shy life.       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

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Provence - 2012 - Num 21 mpx - 5d2c_2788 - series Photo of the week


In Dictionary Furetière of 1690

WINDOW. Opening in buildings is to give them the day. This house has been pierced, there are windows on the courtyard & garden.
They say mullioned windows, barred windows, to jealousy, baskets or nets brass wire, glass to frame. Windows must be four feet wide between two tables or straight legs.
It also says windows & shutters that close these openings. This house is dilapidated, there are no doors or windows.
It is said figuratively, that the eyes are the windows to the soul.
Called windows, which leaves empty places in the literature, to put what you do not had time to write.
In terms of Anatomy called windows, two holes or apertures are located in the inner ear, and that pierce the bone temple. They always have a regular figure, one being round and the other oval.
Make window, said former tournament time, when exposed day races on the windows of the houses closest to the arena the ECU & the banners of the leading proponents or attackers. It was the window on Monday to spin on Tuesday. It was also said, the windowing Banners.

It is said proverbially of a nuisance, that if you hunt through the door, he enters through the window.
It is also said that a man is unworthy to receive in a body illustrated by intrigue & tricks, there came through the windows.
It is also said to explain the necessity of doing something, it must go through it, or by the window.
It is said in mocking a braggart, if we are not careful, it will throw the house through the windows.
They say a good husband, he will not throw his property through the windows.
It is said popularly party is tomorrow, marmosets are the windows, when we see many people who look out the window.




Photography for the week 2 of 2012

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