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The themes of the web-site " photographic Uncertainties "


The series proposed below are constituted from photos taken of 1974 in our days, since Rollei SL66 (size 6x6 cm) up to a Cannon 5D Mark2 (21 Mb), by way of diverse digital sizes.
These displays do not include all the pictures for a given theme but are constituted by a selection which aims at giving coherent sets, both at the level of the sub-subjects and of the graphics and the colors.
This website was created 10 years ago. Photos are never available in their original size and thumbnail size varies depending on the date of publication (from 350 to 500 px).

The re-use of these images is only authorized for a strictly non-commercial use (see the detailed conditions). For other cases (purchase of enlargement, exhibitions, etc.), contact me.

Most of these topics are published in French, but the text is often limited to a title, it should not affect your ability to see.

See also the mini, weekly page of photos, subjects from 1 to 6 photos, with, or not, texts and former engravings. This collection was created in 2012 and exists directly in English version, and also in Spanish and French version

Another way of consulting photos published on this site is to use the page of 900 photos which allows to reach in 900 (Google) or 1600 photos ( Bing) the most looked among 3000 photos, and more, which are published on this site, on a picture library of more than 50 000 pictures.

Some of the presented subjects are accompanied with definitions of dictionaries published between 1690 and 1880, such that of Furetiere.


Brief looks

Photos of the week

A mini series a week since January, 2012. Subjects from 1 to 10 photos approaching all the themes, declined in English, Spanish and French. - see the page of presentation

Photos of the week - © Norbert Pousseur

Arts and artists

Kattenstoet or " Party of cats " of Ypres ( Ieper) in Belgium
Kattenstoet takes place every 3 years - a rather complete report of that of May 13th and 14th, 2006 with on the opposite page around thirty images " of archives " taken in 1977
Head of the cat of hell in front of the arrow of hall in sheets - Kattenstoet-Ypres - Ieper - Belgium - © Norbert Pousseur
Carnival 2006 of Basel - Switzerland
A carnival which lasts 2 days, celebrates for its flutes, fifes and drums and its parades of night lantern - around thirty views around the 'official' day parade.
Carnival 2006 of Basel - Switzerland - © Norbert Pousseur
Carnival or Fasnacht on 2010 of Basel - Switzerland
4 years later, even place as in 2006, but a lap of more than 550 shots, presenting, various manners, masks, panels(signs), tanks, parade of this very typified carnival.
Carnival 2006 of Basel - Switzerland - © Norbert Pousseur
Carnival 2010 of Zurich - Switzerland
A carnival of more traditional style (or folk) than that of Basel
Carnival 2010 of Zurich - Switzerland - © Norbert Pousseur
Sculptures on sand of the festival of Riga
Monumental sculptures realized by artists of any countries
Child of sand sleeping of Liga Zarina - © Norbert Pousseur
Surprising Latvia - Talking stones
During the fall of 2005 Latvia submitted an installation of stone on which were projected faces talking and singing ... Is shown here installed in November, instead of the Royal Palace in Paris.
Lettish head in Paris - © Norbert Pousseur
Signs from here and there
This discreet art that are signs in here is some, former for the greater part, but also contemporaries. I photographed them mainly in German-speaking Switzerland

Sign of restaurant to Baden - Switzerland - © Norbert Pousseur
Les Arcs on stage - Lea
One of the street shows, offered by the municipality of Les Arcs sur Argens in July, 2006.
Direction of Magali Buono

Street show - Lea de Magali Buono - © Norbert Pousseur
Theater on Dracenie - Lorgues 3 juillet 2006
One of the street shows, offered by the municipality of Lorgues in July, 2006.
By the company Ilotopie - " People of color ".
Street shows - Ilotopie - © Norbert Pousseur
Festival 2004 of the street artists of Chalon-sur-Saone
It rained on Sunday of festival... The artists were all the same in the street and the visitors also - some images taken between 2 trains...

Musicians in the street of Chalon-sur-Saone - © Norbert Pousseur
Bestiary 2004 of the Public garden Henry Darcy of Dijon
Of passage in Dijon I had the opportunity to be able to enjoy the last day of a multicolored bestiary proposed by the municipality of Dijon - in here is some selected images.

Wild one of the bestiary of Dijon - © Norbert Pousseur
Decor public and private in Aargau
In Aargau, Swiss's canton, we can observe that numerous inhabitants like decorating their environment, much more than we would make it, for example in France.
Gato de puerta suiza - © Norbert Pousseur

Tags, graff, graffiti, inscriptions, drawings, paintings and sometimes posters or placards, in short all those signs that adorn our walls or disfigure.
More than 600 views gathered in several groups :
The 1980 - Cats in Bagnolet - Miss Tic - Sentences in the wind - Faces and portraits - Stencils, collages - Posters, flyers - Official Frescos, Advertisements - Festivals Kosmopolite 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 - or through its page of global presentation - Expressions in Baden in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, factory wall - or all - Riga in 2011 - Nantes in 2011 - and other unclassified ...
Small blue fish jumping into a pipe of street - Graph'wall - © Norbert Pousseur
Loving graffiti
Although the tags are becoming essential and they replaced massive graffiti, there is a space where they keep their place: the trace of romantic hopes and dreams - here are some examples taken from the banks of Paris

Loving graffiti - © Norbert Pousseur
The festival of the Air of Frejus in the Var
Kites and balloons presented in 2009 and 2011.
Festival of the Air of Frejus 2009 - © Norbert Pousseur
Festival of the Air of Frejus 2011 - © Norbert Pousseur
24 hours at the 2004 Avignon Festiva
45 images street festival 2004 Avignon taken during a quick visit.

2004 Avignon Festival - © Norbert Pousseur
Some monuments and statues of Avignon
5 plates-album facades of old Avignon and number of statues of the Virgin Mary adorning its walls..

Monuments and statues of the Virgin in Avignon - © Norbert Pousseur
" The Orants "
Some photographs taken during the performance of the company
"Deloche Dance Company" at the festival Lyon 2003 "Artists Quest"
The Orants of Deloche Dance Company - © Norbert Pousseur
"The artists in trial"
Short report of a play presented and read during the festival 2004 of Avignon

The artists in trial, company of the grey Wolf - © Norbert Pousseur
The beauty in Avignon
Some images of the festival 2000 of Avignon which had for theme " The Beauty "
Photos presented in another site realized voluntarily by the author in conformance with his implication in the knowledge of the contemporary arts as essential signs of the expression of the society.

The beauty in Avignon - festival 2000
Music : Fata Morgana to Cuizines of Chelles
A dozen pictures taken in June 2007 of a small band.

Fata Morgana to Cuizines of Chelles - © Norbert Pousseur
Stained-glass windows of chapels of cemeteries, statues and graves
Hundred of photos realized in the 1980s then 2000.
At the same time illustration of the religious art and the reflections of how sees itself a society.

Stained-glass windows of cemeteries - © Norbert Pousseur


Work with artists

Séries faites pour l'artiste Lutfi Romhein dans 2 lieux d'exposition et visibles sur son site

Alain Gillet's illumination - © Norbert Pousseur

Alain Gillet

Sculture of Catherine Didillon-Carré - © Norbert Pousseur
C. Didillon-Carré
techniques mixed
Series made for the place of residence of the artists, within the framework of my work for the site
" Arts - Cultures and Faith "


Banks of the Seine :

  • Bridges and banks of the Seine on the West of Paris - 150 illustrations taken in 2004
Bridges on the Seine -  - © Norbert Pousseur
Cross in crossings of paths : Several groups of crosses gathered by theme mountain,
plain, details, German-speaking Swiss oratories, cross...
Any crosses met during ballads, of 1975 in our days.
Cross to Roquebrune - The Var - France - © Norbert Pousseur
Edges of The Marne : A collection of hundred of photos taken during ballads along the Marne in the neighborhood of Paris: peace of the river, the sports activities, the animal life very modest one perceived of the variety and the wealth of this environment.
Edges of The Marne - © Norbert Pousseur


Flowers of garden : a short selection of the meetings in my garden.
Petals wet of purple tulip - © Norbert Pousseur
Walnuts and walnut tree : photos taken in Seine et Marne
Walnuts - © Norbert Pousseur


Grasshoppers, locusts and crickets : 27 photos taken in French Haute-Savoie
Grasshoppers, locusts and crickets - © Norbert Pousseur


Cows and bulls : 48 cows and its representations,
taken in Haute-Savoie, as well as in Valais and the Swiss Aargau
Cow at the top of Mont-Joly in Contamines Montjoie - © Norbert Pousseur


Vehicles and Industry

About forty old cars, as contribution to the history of the automobile
Auto retro - © Norbert Pousseur
The old coal-based thermal power plant of Vaires on the Marne
The old EDF power plant of Vaires - © Norbert Pousseur
Motorcycles : More than 200 photos taken during "Custom Show" of April 2003,
in the floral park of the castle of Vincennes, in Paris. .
Motorcycles of the Custom show of 2003 - © Norbert Pousseur

"Bulk" series
Display in tabular form with a single size of label, the access to a bigger size depending on your level of access.
Access to the page of the series

Lourdes and its pilgrims
Places of pilgrimages, hotels, pilgrims, souvenirs,
in October, 2007
Pilgrim in Lourdes - © Norbert Pousseur

And for your bookcase or for that of one or a friend,
a book of 80 pages illustrated by a part of these illustrations, and engravings and texts of archives.
  Book on Lourdes - © Norbert Pousseur

The city of Lourdes,
Collected images a weekend on Sunday of October, 2007, on the Website of the Photographic visits.
Landscapes around Lourdes,
Landscapes of the Pyrenean foothills, photographed during the same weekend in October, on the Website of Photographic tours.


And also, in another site specifically dedicated to the journeys,
Site-Web Photographic visitsPhotographic city visits and villages...

Whenever possible, these places are completed by texts of the dictionnaire d'Ivigné (1663)
and by the departmental maps of the Atlas Migeon de 1883 de Vuillemin



Or still, in the third Web site where the information of memory dominates,
Site human Tracks - © Norbert PousseurStatues and commemorative tablets and texts of the past



Deposited  rights
Deposit of Copyright against any commercial use
of photos, texts and/or reproductions published on this site
See explanations on the page "Using"

The links proposed in certain pages have no commercial purpose
and are there that as further informations.

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