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Photo of the fourth week of April 2012

Sky of rainy tornado in Burgundy



Sky tornado with filter software - © Norbert Pousseur

... Glow of the sun just before a rainstorm ...       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

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Burgundy - 1990 - Neg 6x6 - n120a90p090v03 - series Photo of the week


It was during a walking tour, backpacking through Burgundy ...

The rain was falling, she fell thick, soaking me in spite of my great party plastic poncho.
This photo just before the deluge - in fact, a little fuzzy shake, where this digital transformation style painting (photoshop filter ...)
At the bottom of the page, the original view.


Photos for the week 17 of 2012

General presentation   The same in french : Ciel de tornade








This display of sky tornado on the plains of Burgundy,
can be enlarged in this frame until 70 % of its real size of recording, by using the function zoom







Sky tornado - © Norbert Pousseur

...original view of the sky just before tornado outbreak ...       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Burgundy - 1990 - Neg 6x6 - n120a90p090v03 - series Photo of the week








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