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Photography of the fourth week of March of 2013

Books and readers everywhere



Book walking - © Norbert Pousseur

... Book 'walking' near the Eiffel Tower, in Louise Bourgeois's Welcoming hands ...       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

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Paris - 2004 - Num 6 Mpx - 10db_1494 - series Photo of the week


This week, in Paris, takes place the Book fair

Being myself a rather diligent reader, and a collector of former books of history and geography, my look of photographer was always attracted by the readers met according to my walks.

... And in frontispiece of this mini-series, the concept of the ' Book walking' created 'there are about ten year, and which consisted, having read a book, having put down it in a public place, at the disposal of a next reader. The principle always exists under miscellaneous forms (see for example the bookcrossing.com site).
Another way, more organized, are the cupboards of books at the disposal of all that we find for example in streets in Bonn
(to see the example which I give in a photographic visit in Bonn)


What we said in 1690 in the dictionary of Furetiere :

BOOK. Work or composition which makes a Scholar or a man of wit to announce to the public or to the offspring of what he learnt, collected, invented, or experimented, The Bible is the archetypal Book. The Sacred and canonical Books are the ones that the Church admits and recognizes to be a part of the Holy Writing. The Apocryphal Pounds are the ones that she rejects. This word is diverted from the Latin liber, which was the name which Latin gave to the second skin of the trees on which we wrote, and whose books we made then.
The books of Church, are the ones which are of use to the celebration of the Divine Service, as the Antiphoniers, Missals, Graduals, Ritual, Processional, &c. We call particularly Book of Church, the one who is of use to the former Churchwardens and the middle-class person : diligent in the Church to sing with the Priests all the Service which sings in the Church.

Spiritual books, are particularly the ones which are of use to the pondering, to the meditation, and generally all those who excite to the worship, as those of Mr. of Dirty, of Mother Thérèse, of Grenade Rodriguez.
The profane Books, are authors' Books which do not speak things which look at the Religion.
The censored Books, are heretical Books, or against the good customs, which were condemned and forbidden by the Magistrates.
Library book, is a Book which we do not usually have in the hand to read, but which we keep in a Library to have needy appeal there, and educate itself of a subject which we want to exhaust. We also call Instruments of Books, Dictionaries, the Commentators or Collections a such use of which we make.
Books in white make those who are not bound. The handwritten Books, those who are not printed.
We also distinguish Books by their size, and as their sheets are folded and folded up, in folio, in 4 °. In 8 °. In 12 °. In 16.
Catalog of Books, is the inventory of a Library to find easily those whom we need.

We say that a man knows well Books, not only when he knows the price about it, as a Bookseller, which knows the Books only by the cover, and which learns only the titles of Books; but still when he knows what contain Books, when he put well the nose in Books, when he leafed down for a long time his Books.
We say that an Author makes Books, that he brought to light Books, to say, that he made them print and that he lives on his books, when he remains there, it is the means to make bad meal.
A Bookseller calls good Books, those only the traffic of which is well, a lot of debit of which it has. The curious call good Books, the rare Books, although the good Books are indeed the most common.

Book, also says itself the first division of a Volume or a body of works. The Digeste is included in 50 Books, Code in 12 Books. The Book of Genesis. The five Books of Moses. It is in such Book.

says to itself wrongly Registers of the Traders, Bankers, Clerks of the court and other people, where there is no mention of literature. We teach to the Apprentices Traders to hold account books, Books with double part, in debit and credit, it is what they can learn in the book of the Perfect Trader de Savari.

.../... Long continuation in the French version of this page.


Workshop of printing office in 16th century - reproduction by © Norbert Pousseur
A workshop of printing office at the end of 16th century, by Jean Stradanus of Bruges
The Magasin pittoresque - 1834


You can also follow the preparation of the magazine ' Les Annales littéraires ' in 1893, in French and in images,
on other one of my sites.


Photography of the week 13 of 2013

General presentation The same in spanish :
Libros y lectores en cualquier lugar
The same in french :
Livres et lecteurs en tous lieux





Asian guide on Paris - © Norbert Pousseur

... asian tourist absorbed into her guide of Paris ...       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Paris - 2009 - Num 21 Mpx - 5d2_1699 - series Photo of the week



Sculpture of books to Ypres - © Norbert Pousseur

... old books as dead, sculpture strewed with dead flowers ...      Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Ypres - Begium - 2006 - Num 6 Mpx - 10dc_3168 - series Photo of the week



Reading in Avignon - © Norbert Pousseur

... at night, to the festival of Avignon, the reading is also for the honor ...      Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Avignon - 2006 - Num 6 Mpx - 10db_3631 - series Photo of the week



Newspaper seller, reading - © Norbert Pousseur

... newspaper seller, reading his newspapers ...      Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Paris - 2009 - Num 10 Mpx - 400da_9230 - series Photo of the week




Reading in a Parisian park - © Norbert Pousseur

... long row of benches, for on-line readers ...      Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Paris - 1995 - Dia 6x6 - d120a95p0025v07 - series Photo of the week





General presentation The same in spanish :
Libros y lectores en cualquier lugar
The same in french :
Livres et lecteurs en tous lieux





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