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Photo of the third week of March 2012

Flowers of fumaria officinalis



Flower of fumaria officinalis - © Norbert Pousseur

... tiny flower, humble, said weed of gardens ...       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

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Provence - 2012 - Num 21 Mpx - 5d2c_6249 - series Photo of the week


unless I'm mistaken ... this is the fumitory officinale - Fumaria officinalis L. , Forming part of Fumariaceae (Fumariaceae).

Until 1949 it was the French pharmacopoeia bet. It contains sodium chloride and potassium nitrate, fumaric acid, tannin and alkaloids (fumarine. ..)

As a folk remedy, it was used as a purgative and as a stimulant and regulator bilaire, she was ingested as an infusion, syrup, or alcolature.



Photos for the week 11 of 2012

General presentation   The same in french : Fumeterre officinale





Flower glitter fumitory - © Norbert Pousseur

... it was also commonly called Flower of land, Soup wine, Fiel earth ...       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Provence - 2012 - Num 21 Mpx - 5d2c_6246 - series Photo of the week


Fumaria officinalis - © Norbert Pousseur

... and Spanish, Sangre de Christo ... Grindkraut (German) Fumory (Engl) Fumara (it)      Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Provence - 2012 - Num 21 Mpx - 5d2c_6252 - series Photo of the week








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