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Photography of the third week of December, 2012

St Nicholas' Day and Christmas markets



Head of Father Christmas - © Norbert Pousseur

... Santa Claus, St Nicholas' Day in its shop window ...       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

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Bonn - Germany - 2007 - Num 10 Mpx - 400da_3838 - series Photo of the week


Christmas and its decorations, Christmas and its markets.

Christmas markets, originally, markets from St Nicholas' Day, come to us from the North of Europe, and for 19 and 20èmes centuries, from Germany, and from Alsace.

At the moment all the big or average cities have their Christmas market, selling decorations and cake in connection with the Christmas celebration, the Father Christmas being the version modernized by St Nicholas' Day.


In certain countries Scandinavian (for example, Belgium), St Nicholas' Day is still celebrated on December 6th. Traditionally presents were offered to this opportunity, and not to Christmas, St Nicholas' Day distributing them, by making it accompany with the Bogeyman, who punished the children not wise men.


What says about it the Moreri dictionary of 1725

NICOLAS (saint) bishop of Myre in Lycie, lived at the beginning of the IV.th century. His name is celebrated in the Church. Some authors claim that his vocation in the episcopate was supernatural ; and what as the bishops were in effort to choose a man to perform the siege of Myre, they were divinely warned to order the one who the next day would be the first one in the opening of the church. The spirit of God led it Nicolas, who in spite of his resistance, was dedicated with a universal applause of the people. He surpassed the expectations which we had designed of him by his sweetness and by its charity; was taken during the persecution of Licinius, and was exiled. His return, after the death of this tyrant, was very-glorious; because by paying the visit of his diocese, he shot down so many temples and idols as he found it there. The common opinion is that he assisted the general council of Nicée the year 325. And that he opposed to it strongly to Arius. Emperor Justinien builds in his honor a magnificent church, which Basile repaired with magnificence. He went out, as it is said, of its grave a liqueur, which cured any sorts of diseases : what we learn of a piece of news of emperor Emmanuel, reported by Balsamon. His body was transported in Xl century, to Bari, in Italy, where it continued to make miracles. He is mentioned this holy prelate, in the liturgy attributed to saint Chrysostome. There is however nothing certain on the story of Saint Nicolas. His life, which we attribute to Methodius, his panegyric that we give to André de Crète, and almost all other monuments where he is spoken about Saint Nicolas, are supposed parts. The translation of its body to Bari, is another story without authority and unfounded. What Metaphraste said about him, is a pure invention. There is no author and no monument which proves that it assisted the council the Eastern church in the VIth century; we have no proof whether it was known a so good hour in West; the first martyrology where we find him, is the one of Vandalbert, monk of Prom, who prospered under Charles le Chauve's reign; but this monk was only copying Latin martyrologies older that he. His cult became since very famous in the Latin church. * Metaphraste & Surius, ad diem 6. Decemb. Baronius in annal. & mart. Godeau, hist. eccles. De Tillemont, mem. eccles. tom. 6. Baillet, vies des Saints.


The universal dictionary of history and geography of Bouillet of precise 1850 :

We celebrate St Nicholas on December 6th. He had the reputation to make miracles. St Nicholas is especially honored in East ; Russia took him for boss ; he is also the one young boys.


Other photos of the Christmas market in Bonn or that of Cologne is on one of my other sites


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Photography of the week 51 of 2012

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Santa Claus diary - © Norbert Pousseur

... Christmas store in dance lights ...       Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Lyon - 2007 - Num 10 Mpx - 400da_2707 - 5d2_4852 - series Photo of the week


Owl of Christmas - © Norbert Pousseur

... owl of Christmas for St Nicholas' Day ...      Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Köln - Germany - 2007 - Num 10 Mpx - 400da_3069 - series Photo of the week


Sprites of Christmas - © Norbert Pousseur

... and carousel of magic sprites of Christmas ...      Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Köln - 2007 - Num 10 Mpx - 400da_2714 - series Photo of the week


Cooking of sausages of Christmas - © Norbert Pousseur

... big cooking of sausages for the visitors of the Christmas market ...      Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Köln - Germany - 2007 - Num 10 Mpx - 400da_3344 - 5d2_8978 - series Photo of the week


Lady of Christmas - © Norbert Pousseur

... and in the paths of the Christmas market, Lady of Christmas ...      Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Köln - Germany - 2007 - Num 10 Mpx - 400da_3319 - series Photo of the week


Small characters of Christmas  - © Norbert Pousseur

... while the lights of Christmas ignite in the shop windows of restaurants ...      Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Bonn - Germany - 2007 - Num 10 Mpx - 400da_3839 - series Photo of the week


Angel of Christmas - © Norbert Pousseur

... angel of Christmas illuminated to attract the customer ...      Photographie Norbert Pousseur

Bonn - Germany - 2007 - Num 10 Mpx - 5d2_400da_3332 - series Photo of the week





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